>Traditional reality
HFK04 : 9 EUR incl. postage.
HFK05 : 11 EUR incl. postage.
No more than two copies per title and customer.
No trades or other non-monetary transactions.
Place your order via hortognome@hibiskofon.se. Include your postal address in the mail.

Some external titles are also available from Hibiskofon:
 ‧ Tusen år under jord - Sandhavens genklang / LP / 19 EUR
 ‧ Tusen år under jord - Sorgsendöment Fobos / CD / 14 EUR
 ‧ Tusen år under jord - Sorgsendöment Fobos / T-shirt / 16 EUR
 ‧ Wagner Ödegård - Nattslingor / Kass / 8 EUR
 ‧ Wagner Ödegård - Øðe / Kass / 8 EUR
Postage for these titles is dependent on the size of the order.

>Abstract download
Digital downloads of HFK01, HFK03, HFK04 & HFK05 are available upon request, send it to hortognome@hibiskofon.se and await reply with download link.
Downloads of HFK02 are no longer available as there is a compact disc-reissue out on Trollmusic.